New Year’s What?


Year after year I find myself making the all-not-too-forgotten “New Year’s Resolution.” I either aim to hit the gym more often. Maybe eat better. Or keep my house more clean. The problems with making these resolutions is that I never follow through with them or they aren’t really all that important to me. In fact I have other resolutions I could make, instead.

I do want to get in better shape, lose weight, and be healthier. Realistically, it is doable, but with the workload I’m faced with next semester my time will be spread extremely thin. I’m in three nursing class and two clinicals. My wife recently took on a second job. Although it’s only part time, she will be working it five days of the week and still working her regular 9-5. Her time is even thinner than mine which means my spare time will be devoted to helping the twins’ with homework. Can you feel my stress, yet? It’s already building for me. Using the gym as a means for relieving stress seems more of a good idea. I may be using that already non-exististant spare time to hit the gym.


I’ve thought about what my true resolution would be for 2015. My conclusion is more a meaningful, thoughtful resolution: giving more of my time to family. I’m already at a loss with this because I must devote so much time to school until April. After that my time is nearly completely free. Until then my free time is probably going to be limited to one or two days of the month. I hate this, but what else can I do?

Tell me, please, what is your resolution for the new year?