My Dream Reader.

If you read my Why Blogging. An Introduction you know that I might have mentioned that I “love, love, love photography.” And it’s true. I do.

I know there are others who share in my near infatuation. Others who risk being late for work by turning their car around. Those who stop along the side of the road, trudge through forests and fields to get a great photo. And of course there are those who enjoy these photos. So, for my Blogging 101 assignment I’ve chosen to include some of my favorite Instagram photos.

10615391_10203989428392799_4795825891496574477_nDuring the summer months my photo eye is on high-alert for my next great shot. If I remember correctly I had been driving home from the grocery store and saw a house for sale. After looking at the property I saw this view. Amazing, isn’t it?

I live in a rural town where this view is as typical as looking out your backyard.


My wife and I were Christmas shopping in the Dayton area one evening. We had just let Goodwill (looking for an ugly Christmas sweater for a party) when all of a sudden hundreds, if not thousands of birds were flying together. They were ascending to the wires (pictured) and descending to the field across the road. If only I could’ve caught a video of them. It was amazing.

1609956_10203116301325168_4861414913794192545_nI actually stopped my car and turned around for this one.

I had my best friend, John, with me that day. I had taken him to a private junk yard for auto parts when I spotted this beautiful setting. John was surprisingly supportive of me making my way through a fields marked Private Property where I snapped off dozens of photo at different angles with different apps and filters.

10371634_10203314782287068_4209380750436505133_nThis was taken early last spring along Second Street near the Boneyfiddle District in Portsmouth. My wife and I were antiquing and this warm little setting was screaming for me to take its picture. In my opinion, the only thing that would’ve made this photo better would be if there was few elderly men and woman occupying those chairs. They could have sunglasses on. Sun hats.

579058_10201557982888181_1493659576_nA type of photography I don’t normally do is portrait, for this little guy… I had to. This is Gavin. He was about 5 in this shot. He is so photogenic it’s ridiculous. All you have to do is snap it and the little guy makes it perfect.

1545151_10202938380077248_5197576097833947901_nThis one is an example of being late and still taking the time to get the shot. I was heading north for class. The road I normally travel had delays I couldn’t afford to be slowed down by, so I drove beside the Scioto River. While not normally delightful looking river a water it was gorgeous that morning. I passed this area and wanted to stop, but I made myself drive on, but 2 miles was too much time for my mind to think and I turned around. I didn’t care if was late. I needed a picture.

549882_10200435414024661_435929908_nThis one holds special meaning for some.

My best friend lost his father unexpectedly a few years ago. After the funeral we visited his parent’s house. I thought the view from there was one of the most absolutely gorgeous I’d ever seen.

Seen here is a ray of light. When I posted this photo to Facebook others noticed it. I hadn’t until it was posted. I didn’t even see it on my iPhone. We believe the light his father shining down upon the great land he loved, West Virginia.

The last two are very special to me because my boys are in them.

The first was shot along Old Tampa Bay. After an awesome dinner at Whisky Joe’s, we stoled along Ben T. Davis Beach.


And finally… what is better than your children crawling into bed with you? Nothing.


I take many type of photos. These are only a small taste of my photo library. I appreciate the time you took to look at a few of my favorite, Dream Reader. I expect that I will post more in the near future.