Sending Them Back to School.

Good Morning.

Today is the last day of the boys’ winter break. Some parents can’t wait for their kids to go back to school when they’re home for this long, but my wife and I actually dread it. We enjoy having them here at home, being rowdy, laughing, playing, whatever. Waking up for school is one of the hardest things when they’re in school. Luckily, I set my iPhone across the room and have the alarm set with the most annoying tone. Let me tell you, I get up, but I still hate it.


We were pretty good at getting the boys to bed at a decent time when school let out in December. That didn’t last long. Their bedtime slowly crept up to the wee hours of 1 and sometimes 2 a.m. I stay up late myself reading and I tend to let them stay up, too. So, tonight when the bedtime story is read and the nights are out we’ll no doubt hear two little boys’ whispering and giggling for hours. And they’ll have a hard time waking up tomorrow morning. And they’ll have to suffer through the day with their tiredness. I’m already feeling for them. My suggestion to myself, and to my wife, is to stay with a strict bedtime routine during school breaks. Darren, it’ll save a lot of unnecessary sleepiness. Sorry boys, it’s dad’s fault. I think we can get back into the old routine in no time.


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